Roof Repairs

Roofs are subject to tremendous pressures including wind, rain, and storm damage. Don’t wait for that costly leak to spring – prevention is always better than cure!

Simply book a roof inspection with our trained professionals and you will benefit  from peace of mind and a free estimate for any repairs that may be necessary, using British Standard approved materials.

We use the latest technology for roof inspections, and provide photographic and/or video reports so you can see any alerts or recommendations we may have for yourself.

Not keeping an eye on your roof can lead to considerable expense, inconvenience and stress. But reading and responding to warning signals at an early enough stage can make a radical difference to a roof’s long-term integrity.

Our inspections can save you thousands replacing underlying timbers, plaster ceilings and decorative finishes.

Every effort will be made to match the existing roof materials and maintain its present appearance.

  • All work is carried out to the latest standards and covered by our insurance-backed guarantees.