Customer Care

Devine Roofing Co takes customer care and after sale service very seriously. We try our utmost to ensure our clients remain pleased and satisfied with our services from the first moment of contact up until long after works have been completed. We offer integrity, support and advice for as long as our customers require. Our aim is to offer and practice clarity and transparency at all times, regardless the size and lucratively of any contract or works.

In times of dispute between client and contractor, it helps to install a mediator who can objectively and respectfully conduct and resolve any dispute that may occur.

To ensure customer satisfaction at all times, we have enlisted membership to

The national federation of roofing contractors.

We hope that our customers never require the services of our trade association, but for those who require security and peace of mind, we are more than happy to provide this additional service.

We are committed to providing good quality services in line with national Federation of Roofing contractors. We realize, however, that we may sometimes get things wrong or make mistakes. To deal with this we have a complaints procedure.

We do not look on a complaint as unwanted, but rather as a learning opportunity, as it may help us to see where our services or procedures might be improved.

This involves up to three steps:

Step 1: Contacting us
The first step is to talk to a member of staff. This can be done informally, either directly or by telephone.

Usually, the best person to talk to will be the person who dealt with the matter you are concerned about, as they will be in the best position to help you quickly and to put things right. If they are not available, or you would prefer to approach someone else, then ask for the manager or site supervisor.

We will try to resolve the problem on the spot if we can. If we can’t do this, for example, because information we need is not to hand, then we will take a record of your concern and arrange the best way and time for getting back to you; this will normally be within five working days.

Step 2: Taking your complaint further.
We hope you will only feel the need to make a formal complaint as a last resort and after you feel that the person dealing with the matter first has not taken the opportunity to put things right. If you are still unhappy, the next step is to put your complaint in writing to Divine Roofing setting out the details, explaining what you think went wrong and what you feel would put things right. Once received, your complaint will be acknowledged in writing within five working days of receipt and the letter will say when you can expect a full response. This should normally be within three weeks unless the matter is complicated, such as where other contractors or suppliers need to be contacted. Where this is the case, we will still let you know what action is being taken and tell you when we expect to provide you with a full response.

Step 3: The next stage
If you are not satisfied with the decision you can always seek independent advice or approach our Trustmark Scheme Operator The Federation of Master Builders.